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International shipment of all species of livestock

World Wide Livestock EXPRESS, Inc. is a complete USA based service company specialized exclusively with international shipment of all livestock species. We do inland transportation and delivers securely all over the world the live cargo by ship and planes from the United States. Our specialized and professional team consolidate shipments from all over the country in order to better serve our customers.

World Wide Livestock EXPRESS, Inc. leaders the international livestock export service since 2000. We also conveniently can offer quarantines of animals before shipment. The Company prides itself on its reputation for having a first quarantine facility approved by the USDA. Most importantly, World Wide Livestock Express, Inc. can offer a stress-free export experience for you and your animals.

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Josefina C Lecuna, Director
7020 Highway 75 South
Madisonville, Texas 77864
Office phone number: +1 (936) 348.6897
Cel Phone number: + 1 (936) 661.1366
Email: jlecuna@santaelenaranch.com
About us

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World Wide Livestock Express ships all species of livestock internationally and we do it professionally being all that we do. You can ship with World Wide Livestock Express and be assured that your livestock are being cared for and will be delivered efficiently.

World Wide Livestock EXPRESS, Inc.

Alfredo Muskus

World Wide Livestock EXPRESS, Inc.

Josefina Lecuna