Exporting Livestock Internationally


Another service provided by World Wide Livestock Express Inc. is animal shipments via air. Over the years, World Wide Livestock Express Inc. has exported horses, cattle, sheep, goats and other various livestock using air carriers. World Wide Livestock Express Inc. has the ability to arrange livestock shipments no matter size or quantity. Our company can fly animals from Houston and Miami to almost any destination in the World. This fast and stress-free livestock exporting service assures our clients that their animals will arrive in the best condition.

During the voyage, the animals are loaded in customized stalls. For example, the most common stalls used for horse shipments can accommodate three large horses, each with their own separate stall. However, these stalls can also be divided in two, for mares or when a horse demands more space. If a horse requires more space, World Wide Livestock Express Inc. can also use the entire triple stall for one horse.

World Wide Livestock EXPRESS, Inc.
World Wide Livestock EXPRESS, Inc.

Our company believes in providing our clients with a stress free experience. We assure the animals being shipped are comfortable and safe. A professional attendant, who takes care of the animals during the flight, accompanies each animal shipment. These attendants assure the animals are fes and watered during the voyage. Our attendants are experienced animal caretakers and have extensive training prior to working with animals on aircrafts.


Furthermore, whether our clients have one animal or a fully chartered plane (which can carry up to 70 horses) World Wide Livestock Express can transport various quantities of animals with the highest quality care. For more information on shipping animals via air freight please contact us.

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