World Wide Livestock Express Inc

Ocean Transportation

World Wide Livestock Express Inc. containers have been crafted to be functional and specifically designed for various types of livestock. Our containers have been approved by the USDA and are inspected routinely. World Wide Livestock Express Inc. container’s meet the minimum requirements as described in Title 9, Code of Federal Regulations (9 CFR0), Subchapter D-Exportation and Importation Animals and Animals and Animals Products, Part 91- Inspection and Handling of Livestock for Exportation, Subpart D- Inspection of Vessels and Accommodation.

Exporting animals

Exporting livestock internationally

World Wide Livestock Express Inc. has created an efficient and economic method for exporting livestock internationally. Through modified ocean containers, our corporation has shaped the way for exporting animals by creating a more efficient, cost-effective and secure approach to shipping animals worldwide. Furthermore, World Wide Livestock Express Inc. containers provide a cost-effective method to transporting different quantities of animals. Whether you have one or several thousand animals, World Wide Livestock Express can export various quantities of livestock.


These containers are efficient and specially designed for the comfort and safety of the animals being transported. A designed interior ventilation system provides a constant flow of fresh air, keeping the inside temperature of the containers within the comfort zone of the animals. Furthermore, World Wide Livestock Express containers are specially constructed for feeding and watering the animals during the voyage. Professional attendances are constantly on watch during the voyage assuring the animals fresh water, as well as feeding the animals the highest quality of feed. Additionally, these containers have very efficient walk-on-walk-off systems for loading and unloading of livestock.

World Wide Livestock Express Inc. strives to meet clients’ exporting needs, the company can handle every detail to assure your animals reach their destination. For more information on shipping livestock via ocean freight, please contact us.

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